Day 8: Math and Muesli

Today I spent the day in Hollywood at the lovely Wilshire Park Elementary school.  The math training I am attending is hosted by the publisher and they graciously provided us with breakfast and lunch.  I had planned ahead and brought my food, but not enough for a long day with no access to other foods.  I had my muesli breakfast and coffee, which sustained me for quite a while.

We had a break at 9:30 and I ate cottage cheese, almonds and a green apple and felt great until lunch.  Unfortunately, our lunch time is 11:00-11:45, which is very early, leaving 4 hours of class in the afternoon and then a long drive home.  The lunch provided looked great, but I had brought a salad, chicken and corn “rice” cakes.  I added a little of the provided salad and a bit of vegetarian pasta sauce (no pasta).  By about 2:30 I was hungry with no options, so I drank my water and tried to think of what to bring tomorrow to stave off hunger.

I need portable filling snacks!  Ideas?  Tonight I am going to venture out to Poquito Mas for some steak tacos.  No cheese!  I feel so good and lighter, healthier, but it is a challenge to be on the go and stick to the detox.  I like a challenge though, so I am up for it.  Thirteen days to go!

So the question of the day is:  How is math like detox?  The answer?  Both involve problem solving.  Teaching problem solving to children is like opening a new world of ideas for them.  It is empowering and they love to figure out the answer themselves.  Sticking to the detox cleanse is like that too.  I am solving my eating questions and coming up with solutions, with a bit of guidance from my patient teacher Olga.

Feeling empowered is a lovely thing.


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2 responses to “Day 8: Math and Muesli

  1. Snacks on the go will be the topic of our next discussion. Here are some ideas for tomorrow:
    Make a power mix (raw almonds, walnuts, cashews, raw cacao nibs, goji berries, mulberries)
    Baby carrots, sugar snaps. Also, Kombucha as a mid afternoon bev.pick me up (at follow your heart)
    Good luck


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