Cleansing the Body and Soul

If only it were as easy to cleanse the soul as it is to cleanse the body.  Not that the detox cleanse is without thought or a bit of work, but the amount of work it takes to confront memories, to delve into unresolved issues of the soul and to come to terms with current reality is much more complicated.  I am sitting in what was my mother’s living room on the sofa from our soon to be gone mountain cabin.  I am surrounded by an atmosphere thick with emotions and tinged with slight sadness.  This is the room where two summers ago, I sat on my mother’s couch, rubbing her tired legs, reading her stories from the StoryCorp book I got her for her August birthday.  This is where we shared secrets and memories, losses and dreams.  This is where she revealed her feelings and fears to me and while I am grateful for that time and the fact that I devoted the summer to her and really being present while with my mother, I am angry that I didn’t get more time, ask more questions and hold her more.

Loss is a tricky partner that pokes its head up at various times in our lives.  It is two-faced and can be cherished or disastrous.  Loss, as in weight loss, is usually a welcome friend not easy to obtain and the loss of toxins in the body-as in detox cleanse-is a challenging but rewarding experience.  The loss of a person, however, is heavy, pronged with memories, and unsaid words of love.  The only way to prevent these feelings for me is to participate in a voluntary cleanse of my material life, and to focus on the emotional part of my life-that which is important.

I have two categories for my personal cleanse challenge:

To Keep:

Family (relationships)

Friends (relationships)

Sentimental items

Legally required papers

Books I will read again

To Let Go:

Clothes that are outdated or don’t make me feel good

Knickknacks that have lost their meaning

Unnecessary gadgets

Unnecessary papers

Books that are a one-time read

That is a good, manageable start.  Five items.  My new motto being:  “Don’t delay, a shelf a day.”

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