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I am a duck.

Persistance is the only way to survive.  We must go towards our goals, our beliefs, our passions and what we know to be true and right, regardless of the obstacles to happiness, serenity, and comfort.

I want to be surrounded by ducks.

When sadness overcomes us…When thoughtless words hurt us… When people speak untruths…When we must watch others suffer…When those in power make decisions based on greed…When those without power bully others in order to feel powerful…When hard work and devotion is repaid with lies and unnecessary cruilty…We must persist.

Take that!

Go forward toward goodness and light while turning a blind eye to those with aims to hurt.  Learn to be a duck.  Water rolls off and though words leave a more lasting impression, eventually they too will blend into the murky water they came from.  Grow feathers.


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