Day 4-B-Well Detox and Probiotics-Trust

Well, well, I am learning new things every day.  Today I am learning about probiotic and how they help you digestion.  I am not talking the run-of-the-mill yogurt, but actually kefir, sauerkraut and a supplement. I am trying to find my favorite and I am all about the easy way out.  If I am going to stick to something, it has to be easy, pretty quick and convenient.  I am preparing my food ahead of time and putting a little planning into organizing my food so I can find what I need quickly and just grab it and eat it.

I am thinking about my second to last power word:  trust.  Trust is not just about trusting other people, it is also about trusting yourself.  Trust is a challenging thing because we can never really know what is inside the mind of another person and small lies slip easily from the tongue.  We hope we can trust ourselves, but sometimes it is as if we have two personalities:  the trustworthy and the sneaky.  The trustworthy is there deep down, all the time but the sneaky one likes to do what ever it wants to do, be that eating foods that don’t promote health, or lying around instead of exercising.  My challenge is to find the ability to trust myself to do something that is really good for me.  It is putting the immediate urges aside for the long-term good.  I feel better after only 4 days because I am lighter and working hard to do everything I can do to make this 21 days very worthwhile.

Today I started the day with lemon water and Curves and then had my eggs and onions breakfast.  I had a short swim and then salad with a little tuna for lunch.  Snack, a hand full of almonds.  Lots of water!  An hour-long walk with a friend and then veggies and rice left from last night.  I ended the evening with a Relax and Renew Yoga class at the gym, taught by my favorite teacher.  Ahhhhhhhh!  Now I am going to try the Old Fashioned Muesli recipe to prepare for tomorrow’s breakfast.

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