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Change Your Point of View

Change Your Point of View

Today I selected this card that challenges me to see things from a different point of view.  In case you did not read my very first post, I am writing on a topic each evening to challenge myself as a writer.  So tonight, I immediately thought of my dog Charlie.  For one thing, I entered him in a contest for the cutest dog


so please vote for him every day and hopefully he will win, for another thing, I have been spending a lot of time with him this summer as I am home alone with him.  Charlie is the subject of my writing, which I have decided to do in poetry form tonight.

My favorite time of the day is morning,

Walk time!

Then you chase me in the yard and we play

Hide and go seek,

We have our breakfast together.

I am devoted and loyal,

And I will prove it by sitting right on your feet,

Following you wherever you go

Just so you know how much I love you.

Sometimes, I doze while you read,

Dreaming of running, chasing, protecting.

But I will wake instantly if you get up.

I love treats

And reluctantly accept them when you put me in the garage

Before you go.

I don’t know when you will be back

It feels like I am alone for a long time

When I hear the car

I jump up.

You open the door

To my wagging tail, and my smile.

My whiskers are gray now and

My hips stiff after my afternoon nap

Sleepy as I am, I will follow you

Into the bedroom at the end of the evening

And settle down in my bed

Comforted by the steady breathing,

The hum of the fan

The cool breeze



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Cutest Dog Competition

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