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Slow Down

“Instead of speeding up, slow yourself down. Don’t think about all the things you have to do, just focus on what you are doing at this very moment.”

This is good advice, especially for me with my endless to-do lists, today’s for example, had 11 items.  Who in the heck schedules 11 things to do on a list?  That is after teaching a two-hour class, lunching with a friend, picking my car up from the shop, picking up pool supplies and canvasing The Dollar Tree for art items.  So upon arriving home at 3:00, the items I managed to cross off my list were:  mop the kitchen floor, retrieve a book from the garage and send off two emails.  That leaves 8 uncompleted items, including my pile of bills (how surprising!).  I am setting myself up for failure, or maybe not.  Maybe my list is just a revolving list, a to-be-continued list.

“The unconscious mind has no sense of time.  One minute of clock time is all the time in the world to the self that thinks in nonliner imagery.”

Maybe the flow of time is only limited by the lined paper I use to write these lists, these ideas and notes to self.  Maybe I have all the time I need to do what needs to be done.  If I can transfer that frantic “not enough” feeling about time into the slower, all the time in the universe feeling, maybe I will slow down enough to let things unfold as they are meant too.

Today a new article came to me by way of an email and a link to a blog.  I really like the analogy of pie. It is fitting considering my new baking endeavors.


I really like this blog and I like the insight about pie making.  Stop to smell the pie, savor the fruit, taste the richness of life.  Live simple, dream big.

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