Daily Archives: August 23, 2009

Think Architecturally


The structure of writing compared to the structure of a building makes me think of some way to create a cozy place, with windows letting in light, revelations, doors to provide security and protectiveness, yet that can be swung open to provide opportunities, rooms to organize the space into an efficient living space, a roof to shelter and a sturdy foundation to keep me grounded.  While creating this blog, this cozy home for my writing, I have the foundation of the blog format, the support of the Observation Deck to create windows from which to view and frame the outside world, my creativity serving as the doors to new opportunities and new viewpoints, and the separate blog entries serving as the rooms of my writing home.

I sit down each evening when the dinner dishes are done, the dog attended to, everyone settled into his or her evening activities, turn on the cooling fan blowing a breeze as I sit pondering the evening’s card at my writing desk.  I read the accompanying description in the booklet, an idea pops into my head and my fingers fly across the keyboard.  I dream of longer stories, of fascinating stories that people are unable or unwilling to put down, even for a moment.  I fantasize about published writing and acceptance letters instead of dismissing emails, and the structure of the blog frames my writing and sells itself.  I am self-published and satisfied to be beginning my adventure.  Thankfully, writing is an activity that can last a lifetime and doesn’t depend on a youthful body, extreme amounts of energy or actually getting hired. It stems from a deeper passion burning within and exiting through my fingertips.


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