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Today’s card, re-arrange, is about rearranging sequences in a story, or rearranging the story, starting, for example, at the end of the story instead of the beginning, but I am considering the rearrangement of my life, since I am not currently in the middle of a story or a novel.  When you begin your adult life, you plan out a sort of sequence of events; getting a job, getting married, having children, and for the most part, in my life, things have progressed this way.  But what happens when the raising of the children is complete?  They say we are left with an “empty nest,” but I prefer to think we are give a chance to jump off the diving board into a pool of opportunities.  Rearranging life goals in mid-life is an opportunity to rediscover the self, to take chances and risk the unknown.  After years of playing it safe, of constant devotion to others, it is time to look inward, to ask questions, to look ahead.

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