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Create A Conflict

It isn’t hard for me to think a conflict; it is just hard for me to choose only one conflict to write about, though one pops into my head on a daily basis.  It is the conflict stemming from the advances in the technology I am definitely a fan of as is obvious from my love affair with my MacBook, my iPhone and my GPS.  I often wonder where would I be without them as is exemplified by times like yesterday when, while riding as a passenger, I was using my iPhone to text my daughters and my email to communicate with various school officials while assisting a friend in the complicated process of obtaining an intradistrict permit.  I checked the traffic, went to Google Maps to get directions and used Google to look up information.  I was so smooth, so productive!  I said to my driving friend, “Imagine how much time would have been wasted if we had to wait until we got home to take care of all this?”


On the other hand, I think that my daughters’ hands are now permanently in the shape of their iPhone, curved and gripping.  It would break her heart to put the phone in her purse since they like to leave it on vibrate and if out of sight, they might miss one of the text messages, which come in droves, the animated clicking as she answers taps out a rhythm that is one could almost tap your foot too.  Of course the “apps.” provide endless entertainment ranging from the social aspects of the Facebook application to the many games with cute names like “Sally’s Spa” or “Sneezies.”  I long for the days of conversation and singing to music together in the car.  I selfishly want to be the only one to talk to my daughter when we have the rare opportunity to ride together in the car, but I get the evil eye or heavy sign when asking who she is “talking” to.  Ah the simple day of the past…


I find myself gravitating to iPhone applications as I wait for an opening in the texting frenzy, and end up downloading “nice” apps. Like “LiveHappy”, or “Gratitude” which allow me to receive positive messages and complete activities that will increase my happiness.  I was sitting in the movies watching my daughters frantically racing to satisfy virtual clients in their “spa” and I got a little curious.  I downloaded the application and tried it out while I was waiting for an appointment and I did really well!  I moved the clients to the facialist, the hairdresser and the sauna and when they mechanically walked to the counter to pay, I had made more money than the required amount.  The client left smiling and satisfied and I advanced to the “expert” level.  It felt nice to provide a service and make people happy.


Technology has a place in my hand too, I suppose.


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