This card states that we often picture “writing” as sitting at a desk in a big chair; that is exactly how I picture it and I have often described my new setting as the ideal place that it is but the card says “move” so tonight I write from a living room chair with my feet resting on an ottoman.  This is comfortable too, but since I moved my writing location, I also find myself thinking of the way life moves on.  We start out with plan “A” thinking that everything will go as planned and then the plans change, people come and go, and life moves forward.  In September, we will officially be empty nesters.  After spending 25+ years raising children, thinking about children, planning for them, worrying about them and dreaming of their future, they are finally living it and we are left in a new place.  This is a place that is vaguely familiar from a time we dwelled in 29 years ago.  It is comfortable and safe with fun sprinkled in for good luck.  Moving always has its surprises, and its disappointments.  Moving takes getting used to but it is inevitable, unavoidable like aging, which we hope brings with its approach, wisdom.

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  1. Gary

    really good


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