Why I Love Doves

The doves that live in our yard are definitely a couple, which is one of the reasons I love having them here.  They have a soft and comfortable cooing that sounds at the nicest times, like when I am quietly reading on my favorite green sofa with the sliding door open to the breeze, or when I arrive home, tired from my noise infused day, plopping down in a canvas deck chair, staring into space or as I float in the pool and look up and see the pair sitting on a tree branch, looking down unafraid.

Doves are sweet in their predictable behavior, and it is a sweetness that is comforting, reminding me of what is important in life.  I have a reminder posted on my refrigerator stating the three essentials in life:  something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.  Doves have this and of course they are living in the moment but what are they hoping for?  A life of safety, simplicity with a desire for security?

Today our adorable, family dog caught a bird that had been dive-bombing him.  Was it one of my doves?  My heart was aching for the bird and shocked at my normally friendly dog and the scene was unfolding before me.  I yelled, screamed “no” but nature and instinct took over and the bird was dead.  My dove!  As I sat, mourning my loss, an ache in my heart, I heard the familiar cooing song!  I looked up to the top of the pergola and there sat a dove.  Sadly I realized, looking for its partner.  Oh, this is heart wrenching, don’t they mate for life?  What will that sweet dove do without a partner?  When suddenly I heard the answer to the doves call…its mate was alive!

I don’t know who the other unfortunate bird was, but a wave of relief swept over me as I realized my friends were fine, sitting together at sunset and somehow I think they flew over to let me know they were all right.  Doves mate for life I think, and they build a nest, prepare for their young, raise a family and then, in their empty nest, they are together, occasionally flying in for a cool drink and a calm sunset.

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  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for this. I loved your thoughts on your experience.


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