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The Rockbottom Remainders

What a coincidence that today’s card relates to music and how it can influence writing and the creative flow.  My life is surrounded by music since my entire family is musically inclined and driven by various forces of music:  Gary by the rhythm found in all things, Kimberly working at a recording studio and a fan of bands and singers, a singer herself, Nicole, budding guitarist with her first public performance in two days and her internship at a recording studio for the summer and Danielle, talented on so many instruments including her voice and using music to fuel her passion for dancing.  Where do I fit in to this musical family?  I appreciate music and love many genres of music.  I love exploring new music, but I especially love the stories behind the music, behind the musicians and what motivates the musicians to create the music that we all love.

I decided to take the advice and listen to music while I write tonight and I must admit it is helpful in blocking out the household noises and wrapping me in a world consisting of my chair, the headphones and my laptop.  I am currently listening to Granada Doaba, a compilation of local songs from musicians in Granda, Spain put together by an ethnomusicology student, Canyon Cody, on a Fulbright scholarship in Granda.  It has flamenco and hip-hop flamenco.  It is multicultural fusion and a collaboration of local artists.  Finding a group of similar, motivated artists is a gift and offers an interesting peek into an alternate lifestyle.

Creative people (and who isn’t creative, really) need to find various forms of outlets for their creativity so it can exit the confines of the body and flow out into the world impacting others.  I find it fascinating that The Rock Bottom Remainders band formed by writers Stephen King, Amy Tan, Barbara Kingsolver, Dave Berry and Ridley Pearson allowed these writer/rockers to use another art as a creative form of expression.  I admire these writers and am a big fan in particular, of Amy Tan and Barbara Kingsolver.  I got a ticket to see Barbara Kingsolver speak at the Writer’s Guild in November and am so excited to hear her speak after reading so many of her books.  So the world of music is related to speaking, which is related to characters speaking and thinking and living their lives in the books we read.  My music is the words I hear dancing in my head and demanding to be let out onto the page to play for everyone.


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