Start With A Title


This is the advice I have been waiting for as a title has been floating around in my head for quite some time.  Now is the time to begin my story, and the title is:

“How To Lose Everything Without Losing Yourself”

It began when I realized that life is not after all, a fairy tale, and there is no knight riding up on a white horse to rescue me, take care of me and provide for me for the rest of my life.  I am not sitting on a throne, commanding subordinates to fetch the items I desire, or wandering among the roses in my lovely garden.  In reality I am rising early to get to work on time and then returning to my simple abode to take care of the household chores and it is this realization that snaps me out of my dreamlike state that began with simple childhood stories and fairy tales.

Through life seemed full of disappointments when this bubble burst, it was really the beginning of a transformation and having recently emerged from the fog of 18 months of sliding down a long hill and from down here at the bottom, there is nowhere else to look but up.

To be continued…….


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2 responses to “Start With A Title

  1. Amy, your courage, resilience and the astonishingly positive energy you still give the children under your guidance, speak volumes for your strength of character. That life should be so difficult for you at present after all that you have given to so many children, including many who are now adults, I can only imagine is some kind of test, because the only alternative is that life is truly unfair and I refuse (just about) to believe that. I wish you a white knight to rescue you. I wish you a resolution to all that is happening that leaves you and your family with security, happiness and peace. No one deserves it more.


  2. Nancy

    What a nice comment from Alexander Chow-Stuart, and so true! A co-worker of mine taught me about her favorite childhood cartoon growing up in Japan. Roughly translated; the main superhero character had a belt, which had on the front of it a small “Anywhere Door”. At his beck and call, he could say, “I want to go to…” and open the little door and WA-LA, he’d be in the requested location!!! I think I often still want a knight, but I always want and Anywhere Door!!!!


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