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Ribe Tuchus


The Yiddish translation of this phrase is to “rub your bottom on the chair.”  In other words, sit still.  We are often so busy running from place to place, activity to activity, responsibility to responsibility, that we do not allow ourselves the opportunity to just sit and think, or simply just to sit.  I have my lovely writing desk inherited from my mother, and writing there has been an inspiration, but sometimes, sitting in the comfortable living room chair with my feet resting on the matching ottoman, is just what I need.  I have had these three pieces of furniture (the chair, ottoman and side table) for years but just this past month decided to create a space by adding a tall lamp, providing the light I needed to read and write and now the side table is littered with pens and small pads of paper for my seemingly endless notes to myself about ideas and of course the requisite pile of books I am reading.  I sit in this cozy spot and ideas flow into my mind and out my fingertips.  My dog Charlie laying at my side, his steady, rhythmic breathing welcome company and I could spend the day here and having chosen this card, Ribe Tuchus, from The Observation Deck bidding me to spend an hour sitting, writing the task does not seem difficult.  I wish I had hours to sit in this spot.

Sitting still is similar to breathing, for in the yoga sense, returning to the breath, finding stillness and quieting the mind so that the inspiration will come, the peace will come, the answers will come is a gift and the essence of being.


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