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Flip It Over


Writing in the same direction can lead to redundancy and thoughts that manifest themselves into realities we wish wouldn’t be realized.  The experiment of flipping it over, whether it is the attitude, the writing or the perspective, allows a fresh breeze to wisp in and rejuvenate ideas.  Today, instead of letting the weight of reality settle on my shoulders, I am going to view the gifts I have received and in doing so, I realize there have been quite a few.  Gifts that have added up to quite a lot and have made our road easier and the recovery seem possible, gifts of jobs that provide income and a chance for intellectual stimulation, gifts of health and health care, gifts of shelter and a home that feels safe and comforting, gifts of family that cares and is here for us, and the gift of friends that rally and support.

Appreciation and affirmation of what is good in this world and what life is really about helps me to see the bigger picture, which is much bigger than it first appears.  Flipping my perspective gives me a jump-start out of the deep hole, up to sea level with meadows and mountains in sight.  There is a future, perhaps different than my original story, but a great revision all the same.

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