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Dedicating work to someone else can give meaning to the work and motivation to the writer by providing answers to the questions:  Whom am I talking to when I write and whom do I want to read my writing?  Today I dedicate my writing to those needing a push, as I do, to be the catalyst, to make things happen and to stay above ground.  There is a saying about letting things fall through the cracks in life, we say it in education as in, “We don’t want any student to fall through the cracks,” and we say it about responsibilities as in, “Don’t let those bills fall through the cracks,” however, lately I prefer to think of pushing up through the cracks and when I saw this stubborn little plant in my driveway, pushing through a crack, beating the odds and surviving, beginning to thrive, I considered it a sign of hope.  Hope that we too can push through our cracks and rise up and thrive.

Battling for nearly a year with those involved in the loan modification of our home, some supporters and others malicious with ulterior motives, waiting, stalling and doing their utmost to postpone long enough to make any workout impossible, has brought out the fighting spirit in me.  I can be smarter, craftier and more determined than they are, like my little plant mascot, I can push up through the deep crevice that has been the past year and a half of my life; hold my stem up tall and spread out my leaves to the waiting sun.  I have plenty of drive, ambition, effort and vision and I can picture what I desire, create a visual, and believe in what is good and right.  Unfortunately, that is not a guarantee for there are those out there that rely on formulas that are not inclusive of human lives and have no belief in karma, what is right, or making the world a more positive, better place.

Like the little plant, that awaits the possibility that some giant will mistake it for a weed and yank it out, or look past it and step on it or refuse to notice it at all, I am at the mercy of a bigger giant which daily tramples on others more frail than itself, flaunting its ability to make judgments that ultimately determine survival or demise.


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