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Raise The Stakes


How does one focus on raising the stakes while writing, making a situation go from bad to worse, or creating a character that is in a situation that becomes more intense while focusing on positive energy and outcomes?  I am emitting positive energy and thoughts with the belief that more of the same will return to me, so by changing the perspective, flipping the idea written on this card, I can raise the stakes to a higher more positive level.  There is real drama in my life, no need for creative writing here.  The way to raise the stakes is to finesse, argue, fight, convince, document, search, call, email and to expand my cast of characters.  I am not too proud to plead for a chance, an opportunity to stay put.  I am familiar with the names of my congressman, senator and government offices I hadn’t heard of before.  My web searching skills have evolved to a new level and my tendency toward the obsessive is finally coming in handy and my scavenger hunt expands daily and the stakes grow higher, the deadlines closer and the attempt to stay on the positive, hopeful track, more challenging.

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