The time has come to reset our priorities if we are to have a future.  If you are reading this blog it is because somewhere down the line, a teacher had an impact on you and you learned to love to read and to learn.  If our children are to inherit this, we have to provide the opportunities for them to learn to love learning by providing a safe, healthy environment, qualified, compensated teachers and staff and the books and supplies needed to learn.

We must provide an education that includes arts and sciences, mathematics and literature, compassion and rigor.  We need to focus on our students without being distracted by the hows. We need to focus on our job, not how to fund our job.  The Nation is responsible for its future leaders and contributors.


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2 responses to “Priorities

  1. Lua

    Great Post- as always… I’m hoping to become an academic in the future, a teacher, and I’m hoping that I can show young people that it is not a necessity to fit the norms of society but to find your own motivation inside you, and follow it. The education system should encourage students to become artist, musicians, writers- people who are not just driven by money & power but also creativity…


  2. Nancy

    Yes Amy…good one!


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