A Pedicure Can Fix Anything

img_2711A mother has responsibilities that can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. I consider my major responsibility to be there for my daughters in good times and during difficult times. I have found the one magic ingredient that can rectify most situations and can be the cherry on top of the good times. A mani/pedi. During stressful times, the thought of relaxing in a chair while being pampered can pretty much take the edge off most situations. For some reason, the ability to decorate nails, feel pretty and pampered rings true for even my feminist daughters. When life becomes overwhelming, work endless or relationships precarious, sitting down for an hour, escaping to the enveloping, caring, non-judgmental world of a nail salon is the solution.

I can’t fix relationships, make babies stop crying from afar, relieve job stress, or provide endless financial support, but one of the privileges of being a mother, is providing this bit of comfort for my daughters, an hour of escape with the painted nails serving as the sweet remembrance.

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