Summer Writing: Goodreads and Teachers Write!

It is the dead middle of my summer break and I’ve finally found that I remember who I am:  a writer. It takes me about a month to detox from the crazy school year, but now that I have, I am diving into the world of the written word.

My main priority this summer is to publicize my book How to Have the Best Super-Duper School Year Ever! and to get into the hands of students and their parents before this next school year starts.  Though the book is my first real published baby, I am feeling the urge to create again.  I am pondering a work of fiction and I am also considering a more advanced version of Super-Duper to address the needs of middle-school students.

Creating a work of fiction, a huge leap for me, is not just a little scary, so I decided to oil my writing wheels with Teachers Write.  This is an amazing summer camp for teachers who love to write and the daily prompts help me improve my writing.  I was given a lovely journal to write in, but have decided to share my writings here on this blog to get the blog going again too.  I will be selective, but am hopeful that the public accountability will both inspire me and provide needed feedback to keep my writing sharp.

I also joined Goodreads which is a fantastic site for book lovers and book authors.  On this site I was able to create an Author’s Page, link my blog to the page and provide information about my book.  I am hoping that this will allow people to find me and my book (and future books).  I am also looking forward to reading.  Goodreads offers links to friends who love books as much as I do and offers book recommendations by all members.

I am looking forward connecting with readers and writers and to the second half of my summer.

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  1. Hey…she’s baaaack! Yesterday I was wondering when you would be writing here again. Enjoy the rest of your summer reading, writing and all the rest!


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