Computer Landia

imagesSo here is a picture of my cool new MacBook Pro.  I saved up for a year to get this high-tech piece of delight and have spent the past 7 days going crazy trying to complete data transfers, back up to Time Machine and enjoy the speed and efficiency of my new friend.  Finally I broke down and made a Genius Bar appointment because talking to tech assistants on the phone is driving me crazy.  Today, in a weak moment, I actually considered going back to a typewriter and real file cabinet.

The world of lightening speed computers, digital files, websites with “landing pages” and email sign-up forms seamlessly integrated together with my CompleteTeach website and Facebook page sometimes seems like a very big learning curve.  I am a willing student but I feel like I am in virtual graduate school for technology based business start-ups.

Today’s word is “purposeful.”  What is my purpose and how is Mac helping me achieve my purpose?  Well, Mac is my conduit to business growth and my purpose is to reach as many people as possible.


The purpose is to attract new visitors to my website.

The purpose is to capture their interest and enable email list sign ups.

The purpose is to provide an informative monthly newsletter and weekly blog updates with tips for helping children succeed.

The purpose is to release the 2013-2014 edition of  How to Have the Best Super-Duper School Year Ever!

The purpose is to provide an ever-expanding e-book library with information my clients need.

The purpose is to use technology to reach out to expand my  community.

Mac, we are on this journey together.

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