Fires in the Winter

I wrote my Small Stone meditative writing piece after driving through the Canyon at dusk feeling the early end of sunlight, shortening my beloved Saturday, drawing a line cutting my “to do” list in half.  I woke up with list items floating around in my head and finding the balance between to do’s and want to’s a challenge. 
The secret I realized is that a visualization is only as powerful as the clarity of your visualization.  I have fragments of dreams for my future bumping around in my mind.  I began reading The Secrets of Six-Figure Women and realized that while I possess some of the necessary ingredients for the future of my dreams, I lack others.  I want to create a map and put into practice the same skills I teach to the students I help:  using backward planning as a tool for getting where I want to go, creating strong visualizations of future goals but also breaking down the steps into manageable pieces that can realistically happen.  I am starting with my passion, my desire to help parents and children find balance, but what is the best way to take that passion and harness it? Not to contain it, but to use it to form the stepping-stones on my path.
Creating a destiny can be a full-time job, but I don’t want to think of it as a full-time job, I want to believe that my destiny exists already because I’ve created it so well in my mind, through my own thoughts, that it is bound to happen. 
For so many years I have been learning, growing, reading, and absorbing the teaching of those who really know how to trust.  Trust, the foundation of a future determined by my thoughts, my aspirations and my visions for my future.  Leaving it up to chance is no longer an option.

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