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Looming New Year


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Maria Robinson

I heard this quote during my wonderful Weight Watcher’s Meeting with Michelle Jacob last Saturday, and though I have heard it before, this time it sunk in.  I have been thinking about positive ways to move on, move forward and what I want to change for the New Year.  This is often a time of reflection, my usual pastime, which is accentuated during this time of year because so many others are putting energy in the same place.  I am creating a list of changes and here is the beginning of my list:
1.  Write more:  I am happiest when I do this and actually have begun to crave writing time, which must mean it is really something I need to do for my soul.
2.  Practice Yoga (more often):  This is another happy place for me and one that has great physical and emotional benefits.  Turning off my incredibly active “monkey mind” for an hour a day….
3.  Letting go: This is a general category that includes stuff, emotions, weight, and habits.
4.  Look for more natural ways to heal:  A concerted effort to investigate better health through more natural solutions like Save Our Bones, meditation, and a better, plant-based diet.
5. Create what I want:  which includes manifesting, doing, writing and discovering what is important to me.
The past is a magnet, pulling at us to look back, go back and revisit old stories, but really, once we have learned the lesson, and gone through the emotions, what good does it do to revisit?  The quote about the past is gone, the future is unknown and today is a gift (present) is a bit overdone, but the message is clear.  For one who thrives on control, I am coming to the conclusion that I can only control myself.  My mission for this new year is to offer the gift of change to myself and see what happens.


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Rye Bread

I love rye bread.  It is the essence of my childhood and just the smell of it evokes memories of  breakfasts spent lingering around the kitchen table drinking coffee and eating toasted rye bread spread with butter.  The rye bread must be from a deli, freshly sliced and warm, and it must have seeds.  There is something about the heartiness of a good fresh rye bread that feels like happiness and fills me with contentment.  When toasted, it is soft, yet crunchy with that special flavor of the rye seeds.


It is perfect fresh and in its natural state, as a home to salami and mustard, and spread with peanut butter and jelly, but toasted to a crispy perfection, with a thin, glistening coat of butter is my favorite.  I got a lovely loaf of rye bread at my favorite deli, Mort’s, in Tarzana, yesterday.  The aromatic scent filled the car ride home and my kitchen when we got home.   Tonight Gary and I shared an end of the day treat of rye toast.  There is nothing better.


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