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Happiness is My Own Island


My own little island.


I have been pining for a kitchen island for about 10 years but never it never even made the top 5 of my priority list.  First of all, I could not find exactly what I wanted, a portable workspace, preferably with a butcher block surface and some shelf space.  Secondly, I could not rationalize spending any more money on household items.

We are a family that loves to cook.  We cook together when ever we can and especially during the holidays when everyone is home and all are assigned a dish to make for the celebration.  Counter space is lacking and we usually spread out to the kitchen table.  Times spent in the kitchen are my favorite, surrounded by things familiar; the family stove that my mother bought in 1952 when she got married, the big mixer Gary bought me one Mother’s Day, the family table that holds so many memories of meals shared together throughout the years.  I love looking at the tiles with little teapots, the tumbled marble and the view out the kitchen window of neighbors passing by with their dogs.  We listen to the old-fashioned radio, to NPR news,  Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk or Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.  My daughters poke fun at my listening choices but as they grow older, they too appreciate public radio.

Today my kitchen became complete and I have my island thanks to the barter system.  A friend told me of her kitchen remodel which involved a new, bigger island in her kitchen.  Her house is the same model as my house and our kitchens are twins.  She wondered if I would like to buy the island she would no longer need.  We talked more and she told me of her need for a dishwasher.  I just happened to have a brand new dishwasher in my garage from a prior vacation home.  We struck a deal!  Her contractors came with the island and left with the dishwasher.  I am thrilled!

It is funny how a little thing like this can give me such inspiration. I did some spring cleaning, opened all the windows, aired out the house, washed the linens, cleaned and rearranged the kitchen and feel like I am in a new, updated house.   This Passover we will have plenty of room for all of us to make the special food for our Seder and our meal and another memory will be created.  This one, created on an island.


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