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To Get Things Started…Move Forward


The "circle" of life.


We have recently been having some traffic snafus on Topanga School Road, leading to traffic gridlock at dismissal time.  After Caltrans came out to take a look, they discovered that drivers were not moving forward onto the circular signal monitors and the lights were not triggered to change.  This was causing endless frustration for drivers trying to leave the cul-de-sac School Road, and the children who were waiting for their parents, stuck at the bottom of the hill to pick them up.

It reminds me a lot of life.  We spend a great deal of time politely waiting behind the white line for something to happen in our lives when simply moving forward can trigger the change we are looking for.  It might take just a little effort.  We might have to take our foot off the brake and coast a little, but once we roll onto that circle, the signal light can turn green.  We can move forward and after all, who knows what is around the next curve?

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