OK, it’s official and I really never thought that I would say this, but I am addicted to exercise.  If you knew the family I come from, you would be equally shocked because I grew up without an exercise role model and was not encouraged to take pricey after school dance classes, or to participate in athletics at school.  I have had to learn on my own.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have committed to a 10,000 Step a Day program in the quest for improved health in 2011.  I have found it nearly impossible to acquire the required number of steps without a good solid hour walk, on the treadmill, or outside, weather permitting.

As I left the gym this morning I was smiling and had a jaunty little bounce in my step.  All that walking seems to have a positive effect on me.  I know the endorphin theory and I am a believer, but this afternoon when I pondered a second trip to the gym, or perhaps just a walk around the block, I knew I was hooked.  I am craving it!

As addictions go, exercise is a nice one to admit to.  I don’t think there is even an organization for exercise addicts-haven’t heard of Exercisers Anonymous.  I am just going to continue to bask in the sweaty after-glow and contemplate the addition of running to my regime.  I am considering the Disneyland 5K.  Join me?


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2 responses to “Addicted

  1. pedimanipause

    it is a great feeling to want to get out and move. I just bought a pedometer. Do you wear yours all day or just when walking/treadmill for the 10k steps?
    On a side note, there actually is a 12 step organization for exercise addicts. It fall under the umbrella of Overeaters anonymous. Also not uncommon for anorexics I believe it’s called execise bulimia. NOT that you have it, but since you mentioned in your blog.


    • Amy

      Wow! I had no idea! I wear my pedometer all day and it is the first one I have found that does not fall off. It also has a safety clip, just in case. It is very accurate and really helps me stay focused. It takes me all day to get the steps in but maybe when I go back to school next week, I can rack up more steps. Thanks Sylvia!


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