Fresh Bulletin Boards

For some reason, there is nothing as wonderful in late August, as freshly decorated bulletin boards in a classroom.  For me, once the fresh paper and border are up, the possibilities loom large in the classroom.  Slowly materials make their way to their places and the room takes form.  The reading materials nestle together in a knee-high cubby in my “u” shaped table.  The handwriting blocks, pencils, magnetic boards and letter trays gather.  The bright primary colors of the carpet squares scream out, “Where are the children?”  The toys long to be held, played with and loved.  The computers hum and the rest mats lay in wait.

There is something about the beginning of school that brings with it hope, anticipation, and high expectations.  Everything is possible and nothing has happened.  Every child is eager, well-behaved and angelic.  Parents are hopeful and tearful at the same time and teachers are excited for the newness to wrap around them and comfort the nightly dreams of unpreparedness, late arrival and the unknown.

In August anything is possible, even under the blistering sun. The cool rooms welcome learning and provide a respite from the summer heat.  In August there is so much to look forward to.

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  1. Nancy

    “Everything is possible and nothing has happened.”
    Great line!


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