Lounging On The Peninsula

The view while dining...

There is nothing quite as nice as spending a relaxing day with a dear friend and today was that day.  My good friend Laura and I took a nice drive to a lovely resort-Terrania walking the grounds and dining at the grill overlooking the ocean.  This is heaven!  We ate a great lunch with the ocean breeze blowing and the warm sun shining down on our shoulders.  Following lunch, we walked along the ocean path gazing at the turquoise sea below.

What a view!

This site formerly housed Marineland, and I remember going as a child to see the marine animals.  There is currently a path along the cliff that leads to a small private beach.  I really can’t think of a more lovely location.  So all of this beauty inspires me to think seriously about beach living.  Why is it we are drawn to the beach as we get older?  I find myself transfixed by the sea, the pelicans, the waves and dolphins frolicking in the surf.  Is it possible that change can be positive?  Maybe all things really do lead to the sea.


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2 responses to “Lounging On The Peninsula

  1. Laura

    I could not agree more! Somehow the sea, with all its power and beauty and never ending rhythm, reminds us that we are part of something much larger. Like the waves, the sand and even the grasshopper on the path, we all have a place in the Great All That Is. Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience with me!


  2. Nancy

    OH my gosh Laura…That is exactly what I was going to say! “I could not agree more”!!! I love your comment and big “Hellos” and Hugs to you Laura!
    Amy- One of the dance studio teachers got married there. I too remembered it from my youth! What a beautiful place it was for a sunset wedding!


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