Why Sisters Are Special

The complicated relationship of sisters is one that is both frustrating and compelling for sisters share more than just genes, they share history and experiences that no one else knows about or relates to.  Sisters have periods of extreme distance and extreme closeness that don’t always coincide, but the fact remains that the sister connection cannot be severed.

I am so grateful for my relationship with my sister for we share more now that we are older and have more in common than we have differences.  We both love to:  read, write, create art, talk, research, walk, explore, learn, share family experiences, and most importunately share and relive our memories of each other, our parents and our years of growing up together.  We are lucky to live relatively close to each other and fortunate that we get some special “sister time” to spend together.

I have always told my three daughters that their sisters are their best friends and though I am sure they don’t always believe me, I hope they find it to be true, as I have, as they grow older.


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2 responses to “Why Sisters Are Special

  1. Nancy

    I am honored to be your sister and touched to be the headliner in today’s post! I feel famous!


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