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My Green Couch

Simple pleasures are always encouraged and we are told to focus on the things that really matter in life, not “stuff,” but people and time well spent.  There is, however, one “thing” I truly love and it represents some of the best time I spend.  It is my green couch.  I know it is not new and is tattered as a result of my dog sneaking up there to sleep in comfort when no one is home, and lately, even when we are home, the rascal!

The couch represents relaxation, time to myself and my favorite thing to do is to curl up under the plaid blanket with a good book and time.  I can get up early, before the family awakes, and sneak on the green couch, get settled under the blanket and luxuriate in the escape of a story, someone else’s adventure, problems or revelations.

As I gaze up occasionally, looking out at the trees swaying softly, the prayer flags we made last New Year’s blowing our wishes into the breeze, I sigh and sink further into the soft couch pillows, pull the blanket up to my chin and return to reading.  These are the times I treasure, when I can regenerate and rest my mind, the thinking turned in another direction and my life on temporary hold while I explore other possibilities.

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