Take A Walk



At times it just makes more sense to walk outdoors instead of on a treadmill, transfixed to a television screen exhibiting bad news or silly gibberish.  Walking outdoors forces one to be in the moment and in that manner can become a zen experience which can elevate both mood and spirit.

I took a walk the other day, around a lake located in the center of The Valley.  A hidden jewel that you would never know was there if you didn’t drive down the long meandering driveway.  Once inside the park, a world opens up.  A world of picnics, playgrounds, fishing, paddle boats, ducks, geese, and herons.  This world is a peaceful respite from the crazy world of cars, traffic, technology, responsibilities, worries and realities.  Walking around the lake offers a unique view around each bend and the sunset was the icing on the cake.  Brilliant orange, red and golden skies serve as a background  for silhouettes of the birds as they fluff their feathers in preparation for their night’s rest.

Walking allows the mind to free fall into areas not usually explored and when the spongy mind relaxes, solutions can enter.  If there are no solutions, at least the consequences don’t seem quite as dire.


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4 responses to “Take A Walk

  1. Nancy

    Ahhh yes…walking outdoors! You know how I love it! Glad you had a nice stroll and what a beautiful photo! Did you take it?


  2. Kim

    Taking a walk around a lake in the middle of a city might be one of my favorite things to do. Maybe we will take a walk around the lake on Saturday.


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