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Take a risk. Change will bloom.

How often do we take a risk?  Not a dangerous risk, but the kind of risk that feels slightly uncomfortable yet might result in a positive change.  It is easy to go along with the things as they are and taking a risk can produce uneasy feelings of anxiety but the results can also be a new path leading to a better future.

People stay in relationships, jobs, friendships and locals because keeping things the same takes a lot less effort than the effort it takes to leap into the unknown.  Yet, often that leap is what we look back on as a changing point in our lives that made all the difference.

I am ready to take a risk-to change my mindset and begin to experience abundance.  I have lived too long in the state of worry and “not enough” and am making a conscious choice to let myself feel “enough.”  I am taking the risk of letting go of previously held thoughts, and to allow my mind to be free of preconceived notions and ideas, habits and traits.  I am practicing meditation and visualization.

This risk, for me, is worth it.  I am ready to move forward.

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