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Mother Knows Best

Mom would be glad I realized this and it's not too late for you!

It is pouring today, and I don’t mean just pouring in California terms, but actual buckets of rain pouring down causing trees to fall and rivers to form in the streets.  The water is trickling down the beams in the living room and waterfalling down the fireplace.  As I got ready to venture out for an early appointment, I prepared by covering my cast with my Seal-Tight giant protector, wearing my mother’s calf-length London Fog raincoat and a cute knit cap that my daughter’s friend made for me, I looked like a taller version of my mother albeit with a gimpy leg.  My husband Gary said, “Your mom is still taking care of you.” and I realized that it is true, for as much as I resented her constant over-preparedness I have now come to appreciate it.  As Mark Twain said, “The older I get the smarter my father seems to get.”  In my case, it is my mother’s wisdom that I now cherish.

Hopefully it won’t take my own daughters quite as long to realize that I too have some words of wisdom to impart and each of them, in their own way are beginning to realize that.  So in the tradition of the many notes and reminders I leave my family, here is a short list of rainy day musings:

1.  Dress for the rain.  You really will feel better if you stay dry.

2.  Make your bed every morning.  You will feel like you are beginning your day and will be happy to come home to a neat room.

3.  Clean up as you go and absolutely before you go to bed.  No one really likes to wake up to a mess and it won’t look better in the morning.

4.  Take time to spend with those you love (including pets) because the memories will stay with you forever.

5.  Listen more, talk less.

6.  Expect the best but prepare for the worst, and that includes rain, earthquakes, fires and other impending disasters.  Oy!

Some of these I learned from my mother, and others are things I have learned from my own experience.  Wisdom can be compiled and gathered from many sources, but mothers are stronger than we look and know more than we are given credit for.


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Learn From The Masters

Learning to write is a process consisting of finding your own voice, developing a style and exploring writing topics and as an avid reader of many genres, I have acquired a taste for many writing styles and many authors.  There are times when I become hooked on a particular author and must devour as many books as possible and there are times when I am in the mood for a particular type of book; historical fiction is usually high on my list.

The suggestion of reading a strong piece of literature before writing a grant proposal for a non-profit was especially appealing to me as I am now involved with the Arts to Bridge program and we are seeking funding.  There are also often projects at school that are in need of funding.  The idea of descriptive writing that allows the funders to visualize their hero role in becoming involved in our projects is inspired.

One of the masters I crave learning from is my mother.  She was an amazing creative writing teacher and her lesson plans lie waiting in boxes for me to uncover the secrets of her ability to inspire restless teenagers to find a voice for their feelings and the ability to describe the uncomfortable and desperate struggle for individuality in an age that requires conformity.  I may not be able to replicate her lessons, especially since I teacher kindergarten, and there are obvious differences in age and potential subject matter, but reading the ideas will build on the web of my ideas and I know I will be able to pull some meaning from my mother’s creativity to use as a catalyst for my own.

The boxes await, the lessons patiently resting in their file folders, for me to open them, breathe in the wisdom and insight my mother used to become the driving force, the memory and the wonderful teacher that so many remember and credit for their own motivation and inspiration.


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