Rye Bread

I love rye bread.  It is the essence of my childhood and just the smell of it evokes memories of  breakfasts spent lingering around the kitchen table drinking coffee and eating toasted rye bread spread with butter.  The rye bread must be from a deli, freshly sliced and warm, and it must have seeds.  There is something about the heartiness of a good fresh rye bread that feels like happiness and fills me with contentment.  When toasted, it is soft, yet crunchy with that special flavor of the rye seeds.


It is perfect fresh and in its natural state, as a home to salami and mustard, and spread with peanut butter and jelly, but toasted to a crispy perfection, with a thin, glistening coat of butter is my favorite.  I got a lovely loaf of rye bread at my favorite deli, Mort’s, in Tarzana, yesterday.  The aromatic scent filled the car ride home and my kitchen when we got home.   Tonight Gary and I shared an end of the day treat of rye toast.  There is nothing better.


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  1. kimskitchensink

    mmmm we’ll have to treat ourselves when I’m home next week! I keep caraway seeds in the house to sprinkle on bagels with lox and such…something about that old, familiar flavor!


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