Welcome to my new blog theme! It has been ages since I have written and I am jumping back into the saddle, keyboard in hand.  The past months have been filled with letting go and moving on and now that things are settling in,  I am finally ready to start thinking and feeling again instead of just going through the motions of making things happen and keeping things going.
     I was ready for a change here too so I explored the WordPress themes and am trying this one out.  Please let me know what you think!  Comments are encouraged.   I am sitting here in my new writing space, a room with a view.  Right now I just see night-time shadows and lights twinkling in the distance but the comforting sounds of the occasional owl or airplane interrupting the otherwise silence of the night is a welcome change from the previous more populated location of our former home.  The newness is everywhere and the settling in work is constant, but I am at peace here and the hills are great to come back to.  I am just getting my feet wet tonight and I hope you are all still out there to read what I write and give me your opinions and feedback.


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4 responses to “New

  1. Okey Dokey…gimmie what ya got…I’m here to read it!
    So, welcome back to the blog world 🙂


  2. pedimanipause

    I need to restart too. xoxo


  3. kimskitchensink

    Welcome back! Love the new look 🙂


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