There are so many ways to say “believe.”  Thoughts Become Things, picture what you want, visualize, pray, to name a few.  The real truth is that to believe is to create, and that creation exists because of the energy you put into it through your thoughts.  This brings up the constant dilemma of channeling our thoughts towards the end result we want and learning to focus on the positive changes we want to make.  I think about this a lot.

How can we learn to train our mind to go down the positive path?  Is it so easy that we overlook it?  Is it simply a matter of directing all of our energy in a single, positive direction?  I like to imagine the belief as the pebble dropped in a still pond and the ripples expanding out as all of the parts of my life that will be affected.  The pebble, however, must be composed of molecules of hope, energy, faith, knowledge, and love.

The ingredients for this pebble are gathered from special places along the path.  Places that influence who we are and what we believe.  For me those places are yoga, meditation, prayer, walking, friendship, family, gardens, books, blogs, and shared conversations.  With these ingredients I become the catalyst for the ripples.


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2 responses to “Believe

  1. Kim

    I am doing this now – the power of positive thinking 🙂


  2. Lua

    “The real truth is that to believe is to create.”
    I couldn’t agree more! 🙂


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