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17 Words

My New Diet

Over the years I have been fascinated with learning.  I love to learn new things about myself, about the world, and topics relating to improving oneself and striving for a balanced life.  I am also dedicated to improving my health which has been a project for more years than I’d like to remember.  When I was a member of Weight Watchers, our group leader gave us these 17 words, Power Words.  I have mine in a small frame on my bathroom sink when I can see them first thing in the morning.  I select one word to focus on each day, but I thought it would be interesting to focus on one word each day right here in my blog.

The words are:  prepare, care, believe, forgive, change, risk, listen, choose, relax, pray, persist, wait, smile, focus, act, trust and accept.

Today I will start with “prepare.”  This word is especially appropriate for me today because after a relatively easy bone density scan, I received the unhappy news that I have Osteoporosis.  The causes are not known yet but will be revealed after the 7 test tubes of blood are examined.  Osteoporosis can be caused by many things, such as age, low vitamin D levels, low calcium absorbtion, or it can be hereditary.  That is my suspicion since my mother also had Osteoporosis.  So, I actually have it, it is not just a precursor to the condition.  I have to prepare and establish new routines to prevent further degeneration and also build up strength and balance to prevent future injuries.

I have a plan of attack.  I will take my vitamin supplements religiously, resume my yoga practice, walk my one hour daily, and eat lots of dark, green leafy veggies.  I will prepare and strengthen my body to hopefully thwart future degeneration.

Preparation is a life skill that must be taught.  The skill of being able to take a peak into the future and predict what might happen in order to prepare ahead of time is something I hope to teach my own daughters.  I hope to spare them the news I received today by encouraging them to be proactive, establish healthy habits now and to realize that the things you think will happen way off in the future arrive sooner than you thought they would.  After all, I still feel 19 inside and am constantly shocked to find out that I’m not.



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