Find the Need

I am feeling pretty good about my devotion to finding 15 minutes at night to sit down, draw a card from The Observation Deck, read the description in the accompanying book and ponder how it relates to me.  To my life and to what I want to say in my Blog.  This evening as I sit comfortably in my leather office chair, fan on to simulate a breeze on this hot summer night, staring out the window at the reflection of the pool, I am thinking about finding my need.  What is my need that I am suddenly devoted and inspired to write nightly when for years I have struggled to find the time to take the time for myself?  Naomi Epel (author of the Observation Deck) writes about identifying one’s own needs as a writer in order for the writing process to serve a deep purpose inside of one’s self.  I think that this is the reason at this point in my life I am able to devote the time to writing.

What are my needs?  I want to nurture my creativity and develop and expand my opportunities by seizing all creative opportunities that come my way.  By being open to anything, I am creating space for new creative ventures, such as the exploration of mosaic, to enter my life.  Creativity can develop when you use all of your senses to explore because it can embrace your being fully.  I am exploring mosaic art which involves creating and touching, I am writing which involves creating and seeing, I am listening to new music, new recordings of affirmation, I am taking a cake decorating class, tasting, and smelling, and all are connected to creating.

The creative process was always fascinating to my mother.  She thought a lot about it when planning lessons for her 9th grade creative writing and honors English classes and she often explored the creative process on her own by reading, watching interesting television shows, going to movies and lectures and doing stimulating sight seeing around the Los Angeles area.  It was my mother that introduced me to the Adamson House in Malibu famous for the amazing tile work, the Skirball Cultural Center exhibits and lectures, the Laemmle Theaters showing unique and foreign films and of course books!  I remember her talking endlessly about a movie she adored called “Why Man Creates” that examined the need for people to create.  It had such an impact on me that I was determined, as a teacher, to allow my students plenty of opportunities to use creativity in their art, their writing and their play.

As one who has so often given to and supported others’ creativity, it is now officially my turn to explore and to find out what I have inside of me, what I can offer and where my creativity will lead me.

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