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Ah, The Sweet Smell of a Good Book!




I have to admit that to me, there is nothing that smells as sweet as the smell of a new book.  It can be fresh off the shelf of a bookstore, musty from the library or passed along by a good friend, but the anticipation in combination with the warm, word-filled pages, fills me with happiness. For me, real books are more desirable than their high-tech cousins, though on the treadmill, I really appreciate the iPad’s flat ability to stand on the small provided ledge, the ease of turning the pages with the flick of my finger and especially the ability to make the print really large, and there is something nice about being read to while driving about in the car via books on tape, but real books will always be my favorite.

I often long for the entrance into another world, a journey that takes me away from reality and into another reality with new friends and problems to solve.  I will read almost any book, any genre, but my favorites are the novels with characters aching to become my forever friends.  It is for this reason that I was filled with glee when I opened up my email this morning and saw an email from the public library announcing that a book was being held for me.  I had been number 300 something on the waiting list and had almost forgotten that I had placed the hold on this book:


Escape at last!



but now it is in my hands, all 292 pages wrapped in a lovely turquoise blue cover.  I have to smile that the author’s name, Aimee, is mine spelled in the fancy way I always wished for. A kinship already!  So tonight, everything is on hold.  Tonight I am cuddling up on the sofa for a much-needed escape to places unknown.  I can’t wait!

P.S.  If you are reading this, please post a comment with your current favorite read!


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It is always there waiting for me...


I approach you, with your gleaming sides and surefooted surface,

Somewhat more confident than when I first met you.

Now, I know your conveniences: iPod plugs, headphone jacks, book rest and TV monitors lined up at attention just above eye level.

I can watch your “track” to monitor my progress, raise and lower speed and incline automatically

and walk,

rain or shine.

I’ve become comfortable with you

and enjoy your company.

I always feel better,

elated even,

after spending an hour walking,

and have taken to bringing

reading material

to allow for multi-tasking.

I listen to background music,



I am on the road to 10,000 steps a day

And the treadmill is my new best friend.

Life has a lot in common with a treadmill.

It keeps moving and you just have to hop on and keep stride,

though you can set your own pace.

Sometimes it can be all uphill,

but you do get stronger for the effort.

Sometimes there are lovely distractions.

Most of the time, there are just your thoughts to keep you company.

Some may think a treadmill is pointless because you just stay in the same place and don’t go anywhere,

but it’s not true.

By taking the time to walk, I am getting somewhere I want to be.

The treadmill comes with certain guarantees:  availability, consistency, and options.  Just like life.

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