Explore The Underside



I have devoted a lot of time trying to understand myself, figure out who I am, what I believe in and what I want to accomplish in my life so exploring my own underside seems a bit repetitive but I am always willing to take a look for hidden treasures.  I think that what I have discovered under it all is that it is nearly impossible to figure everything out and it is pretty hard to figure out little things too.  I have mastered getting through the day, planning and preparing.  I am learning to devote time to myself, to look more closely at others and to appreciate little things, like lying on the grass in the kindergarten yard with my 24 little charges in a big circle around the flagpole, staring at the underside of the trees.  That is a coincidence!  Today, as we all lay on the grass, staring at the beautiful blue sky, warmed by the sun, we identified the oak tree, the mulberry tree, the sycamore tree and the pine tree.  We noticed the fuzzy sycamore leaves and spiky seedpods of the sycamore, the multitude of pine cones on the pine tree, the new leaves on the mulberry and the crooked branches on the young oak.  The breeze blew, the flags waved above us and we listened.  We listened to the sound of the wind, in the silence of the kindergarten yard, a place usually filled with delighted screams and laughter, now beautifully silent with twenty-four children and one lucky teacher caught in a moment of wonder.


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3 responses to “Explore The Underside

  1. Kim

    That sounds so wonderful and peaceful!


  2. A moment of wonder indeed,one wonders,no marvels at the stillness of the 24 childern taking in a magical moment with their wonderous teacher who takes the time to show them the importantance of relaxing and observing the beauty of the world that surrounds them…..


  3. Nancy

    How lucky for you to have the presence of mind to create such a moment with your class. There are many kinds of “teachable moments” and it seems that finding peace in the natural environment is a valuable lesson indeed!


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