Setting Limits

Danielle's First Mosaic Flower Pot

Today’s card, Set Limits, offers the suggestion of actually limiting either the time or the type of writing in order to provide a structure that enables a piece to be reasonable.  It makes sense to me and I am allowing the limit of writing on Blog entry each day and spending 15 minutes to do it.  I confess I skipped yesterday because I was at my lovely relax and renew yoga class until 9:00 p.m. and basically collapsed after class, so I guess I will say I will write approximately every day.

Setting writing limits reminds me of organizing, which is one of my favorite activities as in organizing households, my classroom, a story or a mosaic. Creative writing is similar to creating a mosaic, created of small bits of glass, reflective, sparkling, sometimes muted, all unique and when you put them together, a new and better piece is created.  Attaching them to a solid foundation is the precursor for a strong piece.  Once the glue is dried, the tiny pieces are set, but still vulnerable so grout is applied.  The grout can be neutral or colored and must be chosen with consideration to the colors of the little pieces.  It is possible to use a variety of grout colors for an artistic flair, and when dried, the grout enhances the colors of the tiles and glass, making the small details pop out.

Some might wonder: why create something out of old or used pieces?  But the charm is in taking something, that might be thought of as worthless by itself, and combining it with other small pieces in order to give it a new life; a life that can bring beauty, knowledge or simply another perspective.

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  1. Nancy

    …Besides it is good for the environment!!! Reduce, reuse, recycle!
    I am enjoying your blogging very much!


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